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The history of Australia — Реферат
A second wave of immigration began in 1770, when Captain James Cook, of the British Navy, sighted the east coast of the continent.
More than a century and a half later an expedition headed by the British explorer James Cook added the land to the possessions of the British crown.
Английские имена — Авторский материал
Становятся распространенными библейские имена John, Peter, James, Michael, Philip, Simon, Luke, Mark - для мальчиков и Mary, Joan, Agnes, Catherine, Margaret, Ann(e) - для девочек.
... имена, как Adam, Eve, Noah, Sarah, Joseph, Daniel, Sampson, David, Susanna, Judith, Anna (из Ветхого Завета), Baptist, John, James, Peter, Simon, Matthew, Thomas (из Нового Завета) ...
"Jesse James"
owns(john, book("From Here to Eternity", "James Jones")
Авеста — Доклад
Переводы A.: Darmesteter James, Le Zend - A., traduction nouvelle, 3 vv., P., 1892-1893
Westminster Abbey — Топик
At the west end of the Nave is a magnificent window filled with stained glass of 1735, probably designed by Sir James Thornhill (1676-1734).(He also painted the interior of the ...
THE NORTH TRANSEPT, to the left of the Sanctuary, has a beautiful rose window designed by Sir James Thornhill, showing eleven Apostles.
The Clash of Civilizations — Реферат
In evidence thereof, he says about such Western values as human rights, claiming that they very often are the least important values to other civilizations (James Graham, 2004).
In addition, James Graham says that civilization conflicts were less widespread than noncivilization conflicts and the end of the Cold War had no noteworthy impact on the relation ...
When the boy was 12, his father persuaded him to become an apprentice to his older, brother james, a printer.
James proved to be a good teacher, and Benjamin a good pupil.
James I
James II
Блочные шифры — Реферат
Xuejia Lai, James Massey.Размер блока данных 64 бит.
Buckingham Palace — Топик
... were carried out for King George IY by Nash in the 1820s, by Edward Blore for King William IY and Queen Victoria in the 1830s and 40s, and by James Pennethoooorne in the 1850s.
Rainflowers (1966), Jimmy James and The Blue Flames (1966), The Jimi Hendrix Experience (1966-1969), The Gypsy Sun & Rainbows Band (1969), The Band Of Gypsys (1969/1970), The Cry ...
... вовлечь себя в конфликт, затеянный этим своенравным артистом вокруг контракта, и в конце концов ушел от него, основав свою собственную группу Jimmy James and the Blue Flames.
... вариантом на уровне передачи местоимений, в то время как английская версия New King James содержит только одно современное английское местоимение - you, стирающее отмеченные выше ...
New King James Version.
Intelligence — Топик
|Besides, not long afterwards, she was immortalized as James Bond's new|
James Bond worked, of course, for MI6, not MI5,
"James G. Birney" (Джемс Бирней) и др.
"The Office of the Future" by Ronald P. Uhlig, David Farber and James Blair, 1979
Sinatra touched the big time in 1939 when Harry James, fresh out of the Benny Goodman band and not yet a major star in him own right, hired him to be vocalists in his new band.
All" with James, but the record would not become a major hit until Columbia reissued it during the recording ban in 1943.
How to Defend Yourself Against Verbal Zaps and Zingers by Jennifer James.
Helstar — Доклад
James Rivera - вокал
Osborne, John James (1929-1994), английский драматург.
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