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Riga international airport — Реферат
Providing passenger service quality and variety Riga International Airport pays special attention to ground handling level.
Riga International Airport has never faced such an important increase in cargo volume before.
Israel — Контрольная работа
El Al, Israel"s national airline, and foreign airlines provide international service at Ben-Gurion Airport at Lod.
About half the international flights in and out of Ben-Gurion International Airport are operated by the Israeli government-owned El Al Israel Airlines, which carries more than 2 ...
Old Riga is a pretty famous place in Europe.
Our excursion is based on a famous symbol of Old Riga - Three Cocks:
Йоханнесбург — Реферат
Международный аэропорт O.R. Tambo International Airport - основной аэропорт Йоханнесбурга.
- First Car Rental , OR Tambo International Airport, Car Rental Concourse, +27 0861 011 323 (reservations@cmh.co.za).
McCarran International Airport) в Лас-Вегасе.
Аэропорт также является самым большим аэропортом США по площади (140 км2) и вторым в мире после King Khalid International Airport (Саудовская Аравия).
We took a plane from Sheremetevo-2 International Airport.
Chicago — Реферат
The city"s rapid growth was due in large part to its location, with ready access to markets and raw materials; it has the world"s busiest airport, Chicago-O"Hare International ...
К примеру, программа лояльности Domodedovo International Airport Club (DIAC).
Кейптаун — Реферат
Международный аэропорт Кейптауна - второй по величине аэропорт в ЮАР (самый крупный аэропорт ЮАР "OR Tambo International Airport" находится в Йоханнесбурге).
John F. Kennedy International Airport) - крупнейший международный аэропорт в США, расположен в районе Квинс в юго-восточной части части города Нью-Йорка. (рис 18)
McCarran International Airport) в Лас - Вегасе.
Business Trips — Топик
Passengers are requested to arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure time on international flights and an hour on domestic flights as there must be enough time to complete ...
Korea has three international airports in Seoul (Kimpo), Pusan (Kimhae) and Cheju (Cheju), all of which are equipped with modern air traffic control facilities and support systems.
International and domestic air service is provided by Kennedy, La Guardia, and Newark (New Jersey) international airports.
Madagascar — Топик
The international airport is located in Antananarivo.
Kurzeme Leasure Hotels — Топик
The capital of Latvia is Riga.
In airports, stations, and in every hotel or guest house tourists will recieve necessary information about a city and Latvia.
U.S. Economy — Реферат
The largest airports in the United States by passenger arrivals and departures are William B. Hartsfield International Airport near Atlanta,
Worth Airport in Texas; and Los Angeles International Airport in
Korea has three international airports in Seoul (Kimpo), Pusan (Kimhae) and Cheju (Cheju), all of which are equipped with modern air traffic control facilities and support systems.
Lielakas pilsetas Daugavas krasta - Riga {musu republikas galvaspilseta} Daugavpils.)
Bernu vides skola, Riga, 1994.g.
Переводческий анализ — Учебное пособие
The international airport "Sheremetyevo", represented by . acting on the basis of the Charter, hereinafter referred to as "Trustee", the company, represented by, acting on the ...
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