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One of the main tasks during general physics study is to make possible further self-education of the students in physics to ensure progress in professional occupation and ...
Therefore, aim of physics study is not merely impart knowledge of physics laws and phenomena to students but equip them with knowledge of essential principles of independent ...
Enrico Fermi and his discovery — Курсовая работа
When he was only 24 years old, Fermi took a professorship in Rome (the first for atomic physics in Italy, created for him by professor Orso Mario Corbino, director of the Institute ...
The Fermilab particle accelerator and physics lab in Batavia, Illinois, is named after him in loving memory from the physics community.
Ellis J., Gaillard M.K., Girardi G., Sorba P., Physics of Intermediate Vector Bosons, Ann.
Quarks and Leptons, NATO Advanced Study Series, Series B, Physics, Vol.
Nobel Prizes, annual monetary awards granted to individuals or institutions for outstanding contributions in the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature ...
The Nobel Prizes are awarded in the fields of chemistry, physics, physiology or medicine, literature, international peace, and economic sciences.
Kapitsa took a great interest in physics while still at the institute.
Today there are few names in the history of physics that can be placed next to his.
Все о России — Реферат
Physics, Mathematics,
So I had nothing to do but sit for two or three hours swotting Physics, Chemistry and Maths.
In theoretical physics they try using together this major constant with Planck`s constant h and speed of light c for creation of the quantum theory of gravitation and for ...
The revealed compound essence of Newtonian constant of gravitation G allows to understand the reasons of occurrence of many problems in physics.
His unusual ability to mathematics and physics began to show itself at a technical school in Zurich.
He published three papers in the field of physics and mathematics.
My school — Топик
We are proud of our physics, chemistry, botany and English labs.
During the years of study we acquire deep knowledge in various subjects, such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, Russian and foreign languages and literature, history ...
. to determine, as far as a combination of mathematics and physics will permit, the influence of friction and cohesion in some problems of statics.
It is to Borda and to Coulomb that one owes the renaissance of true physics in France, not a verbose and hypothetical physics, but that ingenious and exact physics which observes ...
Alexander Solzhenitsyn — Сочинение
... where he spent four years; and later, during his exile, he was allowed to teach mathematics and physics, which helped to ease his existence and made it possible for him to write.
Later on, it is true, Alexander Isayevich began to get some literary education as well; this was from 1939 to 1941, during which time, along with university studies in physics and ...
Introducing Yourself — Топик
We studied many subjects such as History, Russian, Physics, Geography and others.
I was fond of English and Physics.
Pierre-Simon Laplace — Реферат
... marked the beginning of a third important area of research for Laplace, namely his work in physics particularly on the theory of heat which he worked on towards the end of his ...
We mentioned briefly above Laplace's first work on physics in 1780 which was outside the area of mechanics in which he contributed so much.
Big Bang theory — Реферат
Scientists" understanding of the Big Bang theory emerges out of two separate fields of inquiry: theoretical physics and observational astronomy.
The first stage-or, at least, the first stage that cosmologists can theorize about given current understanding of physics-is known as the Planck era, after the German scientist of ...
Тhe 5th International Conference on Biological Physics ICBP (Gothenburg, Sweden, August, 23-27, 2004); Втором Евразийском конгрессе по медицинской физике и инженерии "Медицинская ...
Gichan O.I., Grechko L.G., Levchuk Yu.N. The nonlinear dynamics of the excitable biological membranes in the FitzHugh-Nagumo model // Physics of the alive.
The faculty of physics and mathematics was set up in 1919.
7. Scientific Research Institutes: the Institutes of Biology, the Institute of Applied Physics.
However due to the fact that he had scored so well in chemistry, mathematics and physics, he entered the University at Leiden, where he decided to study theoretical physics.
Hayes, Patrick J. 1985 "The Second Naive Physics Manifesto", in J. R. Hobbs und R. C. Moore (eds.), Formal Theories of the Commonsense World, Ablex, 1-36.
Kleer J. D. and Brown, J. S. 1984 "A Qualitative Physics Based on Confluences", Artificial Intelligence, 24, 7-84.
Francium — Реферат
This process, developed by Stony Brook Physics, yields francium isotopes with masses of 209, 210, and 211,[31] which are then isolated by the magneto-optical trap (MOT).[30] The ...
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