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Нельзя сказать "I congratulate you that you won the race" - Я поздравляю, что вы выиграли на скачках.
"I congratulate you on winning the race" (congratulations on winning the race).
After years of being the political and economic leader of the transitional Warsaw Pact countries, they would be immediately subverted to the lowest status in EU member countries ...
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Pride, patriotism and love of our country have been stronger since 9/11 than at any time since we won the race to the moon against the "evil" Soviet Union in 1969 (AP; Sep.
Sport in the UK — Топик
There is usually a mile race for older boys, and the one who wins it is certainly a good runner.
So well-known is this activity that everybody in the country, even those with no interest in horse-racing, would understand the meaning of a question such as 'who won the 2.30 at ...
For her third she went out hard from the start and won the Asian Games convincingly by running 5th fastest marathon (2:21:47) of all time under oppressive condition of temperature ...
Following the defeat, Moses won 10 straight races, including the 1987 World Outdoor Championships in Rome.
He won 11 of 14 races, topped by a 47.18 that claimed the gold at the World Championships.
V550, Government Finance in the Transitional Economies
However, the provincial or local governments were at an advantage over many other transitional economies because the Chinese system had the following characteristics 1)local ...
The main destination of the arising transitlogic investigations has to become the study of system peculiarities of "transitional condition" of the society - its genesis and ...
Sharp discussion on a transitional problem of the postsoviet society existing should define sources of transients, features of a present status of the postsoviet countries, the ...
Britain won the polo, and all the boxing, lawn tennis, rackets, rowing, and yachting titles as well as five out of six cycle races.
Функционирование глагола to do — Контрольная работа
3) напрягать силы, прилагать усилия She did her best to win the race.
Last time I checked, I had won the last three races.
Britain won the polo, and all the boxing, lawn tennis, rackets, rowing, and yachting titles as well as five out of six cycle races.
And stretched himself comfortably he laid down with paws beneath his head he murmured sleepily, - "It won't mere if tortoise passes me, I'm much faster than he is, I'll still get ...
Only when he knew he had won the race did tortoise speak.
The Alps — Топик
The Alps is the name for one of the great mountain range systems of Europe, stretching from Austria and Slovenia in the east, through Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany ...
The Eastern Alps (main ridge system elongated and broad) belong to Austria, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia and Switzerland.
Agricuture in Ukraine — Реферат
In general, the agricultural sector is experiencing serious internal difficulties, due to the transitional nature of the economy.
This car was the most powerful full-size car in the world, and soon won twenty out of forty races conducted in 1955.
In the late 60"s, Mercedes cars participated in nine races and won seven of them.
Most developing countries-as well as transitional economies just adopting market mechanisms-already have a limited, unofficial form of dollarization.
Important differences exist between informal and full dollarization, presenting transitional problems for governments considering it.
We emphasize the point that the society "goes through" radical social transformations in the transitional phase of development - the reform of social structures, relations and ...
It is obvious that the investigation of social development should be carried out on the principles of integration of the ancient and temporary, traditional and innovative knowledge ...
Dependence of the influence of temperature treatment conditions on the alteration of the coating structure and the transitional area was established.
This enables to receive a picture of the influence of heat input into the distribution of temperatures, as per the section of coating and the transitional area.
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