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Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization, a UN Coordinator has been overseeing all development assistance provided by the UN to the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West ...
Palestinian refugees.
members-(11 plus the Palestine Liberation Organization)
observers-(2 and the Palestine Liberation Organization) Holy See, Switzerland, Palestine Liberation Organization
The focus of Amnesty's latest investigation was not the Palestinians taking part in riots in the occupied territories, many scores of whom have been shot dead by the Israeli army ...
Hundreds of Palestinians living within Israel have been arrested after riots erupted in Arab towns early last month in protest over killings by the Israeli security services in the ...
SLO (Skinheads Liberation Organization)6 и RASH (Red & Anarchist Skin
The 1982 Lebanon war began 6 June, when Israel invaded again for the purpose of retaliation attacking the Palestine Liberation Organization.
During the conflict, 14,000 Lebanese and Palestinians were killed, and the Israeli army sieged Beirut.
In December of the same year in Cairo the flag above representation of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was lifted.
Bruce R. The Palestinian Problem and U.S. Policy .//Security in the
The Palestinian Liberation Organisation:
The movement is typified by leaderless resistance organizations such as Earth First!, which subscribe to the idea of taking direct action in defense of "Mother Earth" including ...
The organization were committed to nonviolent ecotage techniques from the group's inception, with those that split from the movement in the 1990s including the Earth Liberation ...
Terrorism in Europe — Доклад
In a "dirty war" against ETA, Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberaciуn (GAL, "Antiterrorist Liberation Groups"), a government-sponsored and supposedly counter-terrorist organization ...
... assistance from foreign governments and paramilitary groups, including considerable training and arms from Libya and assistance from the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) ...
5 The Young Workers Liberation League-a progressive youth organization of the United States.
Secretary Condoleezza Rice, Remarks With Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas After Their Meeting, The Muqata, Ramallah, February 7, 2005
President George W. Bush, Palestinian Elections, Washington, DC, January 9, 2005.
At the Congress of Deputies arrived TNG "Liberation", the PPP, the representatives of the Belarusian People's Committee, trade unions, youth organizations.
... they reject the arrogance of the West, and the double standards that it applies to question such as the fight for human rights, democracy or the ever pending Palestinian question.
And more specifically, the fear around the "islamic factor" will mean as a consequence that Western societies turned insentive to the situation of the Kurds, the Palestinians, the ...
Palestinian Refugees // PASSIA special bulletin, - Jerusalem, May, 2001.
The United States has pressured weaker Arab countries near Israel to hold elections and make democratic reforms, for example, among the Palestinians and Lebanese, but it has not ...
The US has been accused of condoning actions by Israel against Palestinians.
Israel — Контрольная работа
Labor generally seeks accommodation with the Palestinian Arabs through territorial compromise and linking the Arab West Bank with Jordan.
Палестинские беженцы (а их на сегодня порядка 4 млн. человек) имели бы право вернуться на "палестинскую родину" (Palestinian homeland), но не в свои дома и земли в свое время в ...
Tying a cessation of Palestinian Violence to an Israeli Settlement Freeze // Jerusalem Viewpoints.
The Palestinian refugee problem and the final status negotiations // Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture, Vol.
US Department of State, "The Israeli-Palestinian ptact process", URL< http:/ secretary.stat.gov/www/statements/970806.html>.version current on 24
38 11 RTRS-Gulf Arab states call for Palestinian statehood.// Reuters:
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